“I said remember this moment, in the back of my mind.” Taylor Swift (Long Live)

Last week was absolutely insane, with our spring concert followed by the annual Music in the Parks competition held in Allentown, PA. It’s the same every May, with what I call “Crazy Music Week” marking the end of the school year, but this year it also brings about something else: the end of middle school. On Tuesday, I was proud to receive the Jr. Tri-M Music Honor Society’s Master Musician award for the second year in a row. I also won Outstanding Accompanist at Music in the Parks for the THIRD straight year. How crazy is THAT? I was happy and shocked and couldn’t stop laughing. BUT as great as it was to get those awards, what I’ll remember most are all of the fun times I’ve had making music with my friends. I will never, ever forget all the crazy things that happened in middle school and I’m so excited to see what high school brings!

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