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  1. Aftershock


Sarah Killian/Isaac Slutzky

Butterflies, shaking knees
Ground giving out, right under my feet
I see you there, torn up jeans
But I can’t tell if you notice me

She’s laughin’ with you the way that I used to do
Catchin’ me off guard
Now I’m thinkin’ back on what we used to have
Before it all fell apart

It was an earthquake when you left me
But mostly I’ve been doing alright
I miss you in moments, but babe we were broken
Livin on a fault line
I rose from the rubble
And I’ve been fine
But everybody stumbles
Once in awhile
So I take a breath and stop
It’s just an aftershock
It’s just an aftershock

I hear our song on the radio
Back beat stops in the back of my throat
Pulls me in, we’re dancing slow
High heels, little black dress, gotta let go

The roof gives out, my walls break down
Till I turn off the station
Then everything is fine, I get you off my mind
It’s just a breakup


Pickin’ up the pieces, rebuilding
I get stronger, still breathing
Pickin’ up the pieces, rebuilding