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  1. Old Fashioned


Sarah Killian/Sarah Bonsignore

I don’t want him to call at 3 am
Ask if I’m up, yeah, he’s at it again
I don’t want him to tell me I’m the one
As a pickup line, when it’s a lie

I don’t want just one day
I want roses on a Sunday

All I need is old fashioned
The little things, they matter
Holding hands before second base
Making sure I get home okay
All I want is somebody
Who doesn’t want just anybody
Why can’t we go back, take it slow, yeah Whatever happened to old fashioned

I’d like to dress up every once in awhile
Have him come to the door, not just wait in the drive
I’d like to slow dance to an Etta song
With the fireflies, on a summer night


Take me back in time
When photographs and falling in love were black and white