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  1. While We're Young


Sarah Killian/Joey Ebach/Bonnie Ryan

I wanna drive fast down the 405
In the middle of the night
Hands out the moonroof
Feel the breeze the same way I feel alive

I wanna crank up Blink-182
Pretend I’m cool
Dance on a sidewalk
Feel the beat the same way my heart do

Are you with me
Got that wild teenage kinda feeling
Let’s be crazy just because
Let’s do it while we’re young
Yeah, let’s live carefree
Make our daydreams our reality
We only get this moment once
Let’s do it, let’s do it while we’re young
Do it while we’re young

Not gonna sit and wait, say someday
When I’ve got a blank page
Dyin’ to be written on
Wanna break the rules, find a chance to take


It’s not over till it’s over
Why get a minute older