Sarah Killian / Sarah Bonsignore

Sometimes a small town’s a little too small
And a little white church ain’t little at all
And at times it’s kinda hard to love your neighbor

You had seventeen candles just last month
But eighteen can’t come soon enough
They say time is flying by, but you’re still waiting

For the day when sneaking out the door turns to closing it for the last time

You can move on
You can move out
But you’re always gonna have the town
That you drove through with the windows down
And your music playing way too loud
You can grow up
You can lose touch
But it’s still what you’re made of
Yeah, even when you’re out there on your own
You can never run away from home

Cause your initials are still next to his
On the sidewalk where you had your first kiss
You’ve both moved on but your first love’s always with you

And your best friend from right down the street
If not for her, who would you be
She’s in every memory that made you
You can never trade em


Learned to drive
Learned wrong from right
Learned everything you know
Oh, doesn’t matter how far you go