Sarah Killian/Kelly McKay

The phone would be ringing by now
We’d be working everything out
You’d be telling me how you just want me back again

You’d be driving down my street
You’d have roses in the front seat
If this was going the way I wrote it in my head but

I’m sitting alone
Tryna get through it
Don’t even know
What you’re doing
I haven’t heard from you in weeks
It ain’t playing out how I thought it would be
The book’s always better than the movie

I swore that we’d be alright
That we just had to give it some time
All of the silence would turn to we’re fine if I just wished hard enough

But this ain’t the ending
That I was expecting
Cause in my mind you and I, we’d still be in love but


Maybe you’re driving down someone else’s street
With roses for her in your front seat