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  1. Love Ain't Blind


Sarah Killian/Joey Ebach

I don’t always say what I mean
If we fight I get quiet
You’re always half hour late
If i said it didn’t drive me crazy, I’d be lying

And you try to fix my problems
When I just wanna complain not solve ‘em
Patience ain’t your best trait
Don’t try to say it doesn’t drive you crazy, cause you’re lying

We’re both only human
I’m a mess, but you are too
Every mistake we make, smile we fake, every day win or lose
I’ll be on your side and by it
There ain’t no surprises
We’ve seen it all but it’s all alright
Don’t need no disguise
Love ain’t blind

I know how you got that scar as a kid
You can handle my family
You know every inch of my skin
Even when I don’t make sense somehow you understand me

I’ve held you while you’re crying
You’ve been through my worst times and
Somehow we made it
Even when it don’t make sense, we still would never change it


No matter what
Baby, I’d still choose us