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  1. Tough Love


Sarah Killian / Kelly McKay / Brad McKinney

It’s your heart beatin’ faster than you thought it could
It’s waitin’ on that first kiss, just wishin’ he would
It’s his hand in yours

Then it’s tossin’ and turnin’ when he doesn’t call
It’s a knot in your stomach when he needs to talk
It’s mascara stains on your pillow case

It’s tough, love
You can give all you have and it’s not enough
You think you found the one then it’s just done
Your head knows it’s gone but your heart can’t move on from what almost was
It’s tough, love

It’s takin’ those pictures down off the wall
It’s wonderin’ if you ever really knew him at all
It’s the “I’m okays” that you gotta say
It’s running into him somewhere, hiding the hurt
Smiling through “nice to meet you” to his new girl
Tryin’ to be strong, but it all feels so wrong


It’s the best and the worst thing you’ll ever do
You don’t quite understand till it happens to you